Facebook v4 Plugin: iOS Beta, improvements, and new features

Facebook v4 Plugin: iOS Beta, improvements, and new features

More good news for Facebook integration.

Coinciding with the recent beta release of Facebook-v4 on Android, we’ve launched the iOS version of the Facebook v4 plugin! The iOS version does come with a couple caveats to be aware of:

  • iOS 6 is not supported with this plugin. This is due to Facebook dropping iOS 6 support with version 4+ of their SDK.
  • iOS 9 is supported with a couple additional setup steps detailed here.


In addition to iOS, we’ve done another Facebook SDK update to get you the latest fixes from them. The iOS version of Facebook-v4 targets Facebook SDK 4.5.1. and the Android version has been upgraded to 4.5.0.

Another improvement we’ve made concerns Corona Enterprise. In the past setting up the Facebook plugin with Corona Enterprise hadn’t been very obvious. We’ve rectified this by providing a more step-by-step guide for setup with Corona Enterprise available here.

New features

We’re always striving to make our APIs more useful with less hassle. We feel that these new features show evidence of that aspiration and hope they will make your lives easier when it comes to Facebook integration.

First off, facebook.currentAccessToken has been deprecated in favor of facebook.getCurrentAccessToken(). Before, facebook.currentAccessToken could be used to determine if someone was logged in already. For facebook.getCurrentAccessToken(), on top of providing knowledge of whether you have a logged in user, this new API provides access to:

  • The permissions the user has granted your app
  • The permission they’ve denied your app
  • Their Facebook User ID
  • and more.

Also, facebook.showDialog() now integrates Facebook’s new “Share Dialog”.

  • This will bring up the Share Dialog and let you share a link with it.
  • If you have the Facebook app installed on your device, bringing up this dialog will allow you to tag friends and a place, all without additional calls to bring up the Places and Friends dialogs.

In the old plugin, you could only present the Feed dialog for letting users post on Facebook. Tagging a location and friends required bringing up two more dialogs before the Feed dialog.


Now with Facebook-v4, tagging friends and a location couldn’t be easier.


See the Facebook v4 plugin home page to get started!

  • Brock Henderson
    Posted at 13:11h, 03 September

    Does this plugin upgrade fix the issue where we could not delete game requests? Facebook requires that the developer cleanup up game requests.

    • Alexander McCaleb
      Posted at 15:48h, 11 November

      We’ve just released an update to this plugin that should make it possible for Game Requests to be deleted using the facebook.request() API. You can now send HTTP DELETE requests through facebook.request(). Previously, only GET and POST were allowed.